Knitting for Armitage—Reveal

Ladies and germs(*), It is time. I have done, the knitting project is concluded. So here it is in all its glory. Well, at least I like to think so. It was an especially glorious moment when the last two appendages of the last item were complete because those suckers? They deserved the name! 3 … Continue reading Knitting for Armitage—Reveal


Flower crown light

Because I cannot yet share the end result of Knitting for Armitage (I did a bunch of unraveling today and I’m not too happy), I thought I’d share something I made a while ago but put a few finishing touches on earlier today. For any Red Dragon flower crown needs, here’s a tiny one that … Continue reading Flower crown light

Knitting for Armitage 2/3

I’m happy to report that my current fanart project is going reasonably well. Part one is finished, so I thought I would tease part two. I may end up scrapping this because the wool is not ideal, but I have no time to shop today, so I’m just testing it out and then I’ll see.