Revenge of the Mom Segment

My dearest Louise, This is not the post I had planned next or actually owe people, and it has nothing to do with the upcoming Mother's Day in my neck of the woods either. I don't even have time for this. I'm a busy woman. But a man has royally pissed me off and I … Continue reading Revenge of the Mom Segment


Gedicht von Eichendorff, Schneeglöckchen vom Garten 😉 's war doch wie ein leises Singen In dem Garten heute nacht,Wie wenn laue Lüfte gingen: "Süße Glöcklein, nun erwacht, Denn die warme Zeit wir bringen,Eh's noch jemand hat gedacht." -'s war kein Singen, 's war ein Küssen,Rührt' die stillen Glöcklein sacht, Daß sie alle tönen müssen Von … Continue reading Schneeglöckchen

#SecretCupid 2021—Cheesy Stuff

My dearest Louise, As you know, I am anything but great right now. I have a cold (though thankfully not Covid) and for a number of reasons I am just done atm. Owing to this, every little thing seems that much more annoying and awful. It's been tough to keep my chin up, really. One … Continue reading #SecretCupid 2021—Cheesy Stuff

#SecretCupid 2021 Mine-All-Mine Edition

My dearest Louise, As you know, we are up to some good, clean fun in our corner of the Armitage Army right now. Our #SecretCupid project is well under way and while I am still waiting for my modest contribution to reach its destination grumblegrumble, hurry up EU mail system, I have been lucky enough … Continue reading #SecretCupid 2021 Mine-All-Mine Edition

Happy mail to and fro

My dearest Louise, Yes, this is positively inflationary, but while I have a bit of motivation for a minute or five, let me follow up yesterday's #SecretCupid post with some more happy mail stories. Happy Mail Received A few days ago, I was doubly blessed in the postal department. First to reach me was a … Continue reading Happy mail to and fro