#SecretCupid 2021 Mine-All-Mine Edition

My dearest Louise, As you know, we are up to some good, clean fun in our corner of the Armitage Army right now. Our #SecretCupid project is well under way and while I am still waiting for my modest contribution to reach its destination grumblegrumble, hurry up EU mail system, I have been lucky enough … Continue reading #SecretCupid 2021 Mine-All-Mine Edition

Happy mail to and fro

My dearest Louise, Yes, this is positively inflationary, but while I have a bit of motivation for a minute or five, let me follow up yesterday's #SecretCupid post with some more happy mail stories. Happy Mail Received A few days ago, I was doubly blessed in the postal department. First to reach me was a … Continue reading Happy mail to and fro

I saw the sign…

My dearest Louise, I have been crafting a lot lately, but as befits my personality, I have about 17 projects going at the same time and not one is finished. The joys of a short attention span, perfectionism, decision inability and being marooned at home when you realize you are missing one vital (see perfectionism) … Continue reading I saw the sign…

Llamas, and unicorns, and sea horses, oh my!

My dearest Louise, A few days ago, the annual birthday auction fundraiser and even more appalingly Guylty herself were viciously attacked by an anonymous person. I don’t want to go into it again in detail. You can read all about it on on Guylty’s blog if you have somehow missed it. I’m just using it … Continue reading Llamas, and unicorns, and sea horses, oh my!