RA as Sarah MacLean Book Covers

My dearest Louise, As you know, romance novels are one of the things that keep me going in this year of our misery 2020. So when I saw someone had done a meme of Tom Hardy as Sarah MacLean Book Covers (one of my favorite authors), I could not resist and immediately set out to … Continue reading RA as Sarah MacLean Book Covers

(Not so) Guylty Pleasures

My dearest Louise, I am back with more gratitude, as there is one thank you still outstanding, or more precisely, a number of thank you's. As you can see below, I have been the lucky recipient of not one or two, but four wonderful envelopes stuffed full of happy mail from the one, the only … Continue reading (Not so) Guylty Pleasures

Happy birthday, Mr. A.

Dear Mr. Armitage, Once again we are commemorating the 22nd of August 1971, that day you entered the world. A very happy birthday to you from this fangirl never well wisher, sorrynotsorry. Once again, a group of us has participated in a fundraising event organized by Guylty in the shape of an eBay auction and … Continue reading Happy birthday, Mr. A.

Profiling Mr. Thornton

My dearest Lousie, As you know, my first RA love was broody Victorian mill owner John Thornton. Though the exact moment he pulled me in remains shrouded in mystery, we know that he is where it all started. So when it came time to think about a donation for Guylty‘s 2020 RA Birthday Auctions, it … Continue reading Profiling Mr. Thornton