Tag Deconstructed

My dearest Louise, Welcome to the behind the scenes goings on of Kate's crafting. I have finally done the thing I talked about a while ago and documented the making of a tag. Riveting stuff, I promise you. Don't worry, I'll make it show & tell, just in case not everyone is as eager as … Continue reading Tag Deconstructed

Craft Therapy

My dearest Louise, As you know, I’m not the most chipper of persons right now. The *flails arms* everything is just too much. But since complaining isn’t very attractive and hasn’t really ever gotten me anywhere (though it seems to work remarkably well for some people), I have decided to talk about my therapy instead. … Continue reading Craft Therapy

#SecretCupid 2021–Gallery

My dearest Louise, I think we can safely say that the #SecretCupid project was a success and brought much needed levity and joy in these strange and difficult times. Here’s a little gallery of some of the gifts that carried the joy all over the world. I'm simply embedding everyone's tweets save for the cases … Continue reading #SecretCupid 2021–Gallery


Gedicht von Eichendorff, Schneeglöckchen vom Garten 😉 's war doch wie ein leises Singen In dem Garten heute nacht,Wie wenn laue Lüfte gingen: "Süße Glöcklein, nun erwacht, Denn die warme Zeit wir bringen,Eh's noch jemand hat gedacht." -'s war kein Singen, 's war ein Küssen,Rührt' die stillen Glöcklein sacht, Daß sie alle tönen müssen Von … Continue reading Schneeglöckchen