RDC5 through the Guylty Lense

Dear Readers,

As you know if you have been reading here for a while, I am not a news blog. It’s simply not how I work. I never wanted to be a blogger. I thought my contribution to fandom (if any) would be visual. My constant griping about my inability to produce anything visual that’s appealing in the least and not (as Nicholas would say in North & South) something that is ‘not fit for a dog’ led me to complaining about it a lot which in turn led to more writing which resulted in this here. So anything I write is motivated by emotions and not by practical concerns. I will never be the person with the latest scoop or the complete history of the Armitageverse. I will give you my thoughts and impressions, if and when my moody brain decides to release them.

Therefore, I urge you to read the following posts on Guylty’s ever lovely blog, to give you a visual and verbal recap of the happenings at Red Dragon Con 5.

RDC part 1
RDC part 2
RDC part 3
RDC part 4

I had the immense pleasure to not only visit this fabulous event and see the man, the myth, the Armitage in the flesh. Even more profound was the pleasure of meeting Guylty in person. You know when you meet someone online and you have the feeling that you just click? It’s not something that happens terribly often to me. When it does, it’s a little magical. The impression did not fade on personal acquaintance, quite the opposite.

She was very quick to tweet out her thanks to all the people involved, but I went straight back to work on Tuesday and I guess I wasn’t finished processing. Apparently, I am now. Once again, this is not the post I had planned for tonight, but here we are.

So, my dearest G, it was a pleasure and a privilege to go home with you every night before the parties started because we were too tired to stay and then sit up with you in bed until the wee hours of the morning, discussing everything from Hannibal to Armitage to life in general. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime throughout my first Armitage Live Adventure and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. This will forever leave me with fond memories of flower crowns, fannibals and fangirl friendship.

Cheers to all,

P. S. Credit for the header photo goes of course to Guylty as well!!

10 thoughts on “RDC5 through the Guylty Lense

  1. If the fandom does nothing else for me, I will never forget that it lead me to meet Guylty 😉 I’m not surprised you feel the same 😊 (Stop that tutting, Guylty, I can hear you over the Irish Sea 😂) So glad you had a great time hanging out: she’s a brilliant travelling companion, isn’t she?

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    1. We had a total blast!! I am so grateful she sent me that message sometime in November that approximately read: “Dearest Kate, I bought a ticket for this Hannibal thing. Wanna come?”

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  2. Oh. Oh. *stammers* But that is not necessary *blushes*
    Well, let me return the compliment – because as fast as I was in tweeting my thanks to the con organiser, the fannibals and to the man himself, did I actually say thank you to you, esteemed con compadre? It was fan-tastic to fan girl together with you. And the proof was in those early nights – when we left the venue before the party because we were too tired to stay another second, only to continue chatting/analysing until after midnight *hahaha*. I pride myself on my generally good sense of other people – and I was right again *hehe*. Could also be the fact that Armitage seems to attract decent, interesting and funny women. Of which you are an example. I had so much fun, and yes – any time, any other con, I’m ready to share another room and experience with you. But only if we get the Mute Twins t-shirt (and photo op) this time!

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    1. Thanks, Sue. It’s not my intention to make anyone feel bad, but I’ve decided that I’m gonna allow myself to enjoy this unreservedly.

      [I know you don’t mean it like that, but that’s actually been a consideration while mulling over these posts—do I sound like I’m trying to throw into people’s faces that I was there while they weren’t? But I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to share the joy this has given me and that the rest is out of my hands.]

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        1. I’m glad it’s brightening your day a little. I mean, I’ve been incredibly lazy on that front. Everyone else is much better at sharing than I have been.

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