Happy Easter, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Happy Mail

My dearest Louise,

Boy, it has been a grip since I last wrote, hasn’t it? Well, for better or worse, here I am. And it is all happy, happy, happy today.

First, it is Easter and the sun is shining.

Secondly, a certain marriage was concluded on this day of the lord a number of years ago (don’t make me say it–my god, we are old). Incidentally, happy 93rd birthday to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. I always remember her birthday because it’s a convenient date for me.

And number three on the happy list is a triple—HAPPY MAIL³. Now, as you know, I am occassionally conflicted about this fandoming and fangirling ‘with other people’ because, well, people can be so people-y. And sometimes we throw our hands up in frustration and yell “gah, fandom of one, fan-dom of one, man, it’s the only way to go” and then sit in a corner and just grrr. I’ve had those days, you’ve had those days, we’ve had those days together (*cough* Nikki *cough*) but then again, where to put all these FEELINGS if you cannot share them with likeminded people?

One of my favorite things about RDC was RA’s goodbye speech at the farewell ceremony. I really liked that he recognized the value of community for a fandom and that he got a glimpse of “It is nice that you are here and you are sort of the primer for much of this, but you are not the be-all and end-all, not really.” I wrote something similar a while back. I think it took off some of the pressure for him. He also realized that we may be a bit odd (I would say weird, but I know you don’t like that word so much) but mostly harmless and that it is okay to interact with the fangirls every now and again I hope. Because if you find those “likeminded” people, it can be a real gift. A friend recently said to me “I am glad that I can say this (I am discreet, so I won’t say what the this was) to you and not feel like I’m too odd” and that is what this communal fangirling is all about. Because when it’s good, it is really, really great. Other people just don’t understand why anyone would want to discuss a guy’s haircut or choice of t-shirt or role selection at in other people’s eyes nauseum. A fellow fangirl will not question this. She will hunt up a photo of the issue in question and you will happily message about that for the next 3 – 4 hours. Because she gets it.

Like the self-proclaimed misfit RA, I don’t easily find my kind. People who get you are a rare and precious gift for someone like me. Which oh so elegantly lets me segue into the last happy in my headline. Over the course of the past few weeks I have received a bunch of happy mail and today I want to share the love and give a shout-out to those marvellous individuals, those fellow fangirls, those likeminded people for the joy they have given me.

No. 1–Maggie:
I had tweeted about this at the time, but since I already knew that I would have more thanks to come, I didn’t wanna do a separate blog post for this. Maggie (on Twitter as @puppers26) was my partner in the Christmas card exchange and totally surprised me with an Easter card I had not expected. You’ve seen this on Guylty’s blog and I am now also the proud owner of an RA Chick Magnet. I put it on my fridge and Mr. Kate has not raised any objections so far. So again, thanks to Maggie for this wonderful surprise.

No. 2—ZOX:

As you may or may not have realized, LoLo has turned some of us onto the ZOX craze.
LoLo had sent me some ZOX for Christmas, but they were the regular width and my wrists are just so narrow, they swallow me hole. They will go into Guylty’s RA Birthday Auction (with LoLo’s blessing), so keep your eyes peeled.
But when she revealed that ZOX had introduced a new, narrower variety of straps, I took the chance. I could not resist two particular ones that are X degrees of RA although I am constantly trying to keep the amount of ‘stuff’ I own to a minimum.
The first one is the WANDERLUST ZOX. As you may or may not recall with fondness (I do), RA read the Lauren Blakely romance novel of the same name for Audible. The second one is a Starry Night ZOX which is a variation on the Van Gogh painting. Although it is “the wrong painter” as LoLo said, I like this painting very much and as a post-impressionist, it is only a short way from RA to Monet to Van Gogh, so there.

Thanks for being my wonderful enabler LoLo and for being such a fun fellow fangirl in general.

Third and last, but most certainly not least, I recently received a package from Rachel. Now my dear, this was absolutely wow. Amazing, wonderful, breathtaking.

As some of you may remember, I am working on my first junk journal a new obsession for which I owe thanks to Guylty and I have been struggling with the cover design. It went from paper with cardboard letters to cloth bound to leather clad. This leather clad front looked a bit empty and the cardboard letters didn’t really match the style anymore. When I menationed to Rachel that I was thinking about putting the initials GG on the front the whole idea is that it is Guy of Gisborne’s secret diary into which he pours all his unrequited love for Marian she offered to ask her OH to laser cut some for me. And as if this wasn’t nice enough, I even got to choose the font. So one evening we amused ourselves with sending medieval-y fonts back and forth and having a giggle at the shapes or the names (there was one named Gisborne iirc) and I finally said for them to decide which one would be suitable. Laser cutting—not in my wheelhouse. Well, imagine my surprise and delight when I received not one or two but seven (!!!) sets of beautiful laser-cut letters G. Wow! I am now gonna have to make Guy-themed things for the foreseeable future. It’s not a hardship, I assure you!

Furthermore, she sent me some old watch pieces for crafting inside an equally wonderful vintage metal tin, a laser cut ‘For Science’ badge that goes swimmingly with my deRAnged button I received from Guylty, some yummy tea, some Dolarhyde-inspired chocolate, and a Helston rose she crafted for me herself. Like I said, wow!

Thank you Rachel for this epic package and for being, well, you!

So I feel extraordinarily blessed and happy today. And as always, you are one of my biggest blessings. I love you always.

Yours in fangirl friendship (and beyond)


30 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Happy Mail

  1. So good to hear your voice back here again!
    Totally agree, I feel blessed to have found some lovely friends here.
    Zox bracelets are great fun, aren’t they? I’m a big fan of colour and I like how they brighten up an outfit.
    Regarding the letters…don’t feel you have to use them all!
    Anyway, it was my pleasure. ..There’s no more fun than trying to think of little personal things to send people in the hope you’ll brighten the day! 😘

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    1. The ZOX totally add a pop of color to an outfit. And they’re comfortable. I have metal bracelets, but I work on the computer a lot and I can’t stand the clonking sound they make against the keyboard.
      Regarding the extra Gs. I don’t feel like I HAVE TO use them. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks again! 😘

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  2. “people can be so people-y”, I loved that whole paragraph b/c it is 100% the same for me. I’m in a ‘fandom of one’ state of mind now (mostly due to Object of Affection but also b/c I’m lazy and self involved 😛 ) but the feelings have to get out too and so I appreciate when I’m not just talking to myself (I have a mirror for that). but then I read posts like this and touch base with fandom friends from time to time and I remember why I do it in the first place ❤

    these Zox bracelets, are they made out of stretchy fabric? I was under the impression that they were like vinyl slap bracelets for some reason. I am a bracelet girl but also have skinny wrists. I may have to look into these 😎

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, it’s not always easy, but it’s important to remember the good parts and the great people you meet. I owe my friendship with Louise entirely to fangirling and my life would be missing so much if I’d never met her. 🙂

      The ZOX are indeed stretchy and super comfortable. They’re like a wide elastic band with a cottony surface and weigh next to nothing. Maybe check out the birthday auction and visit your old fandom? I know there will be a few on offer. 🥳

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  3. Sorry to be so late in commenting – especially as this a post full of positives. First of all: happy belated anniversary. An achievement – however many years it actually is.
    Secondly: fandom fun and communal fangirling. Well yes, Richie said a few nice words there in London. (I am still not sure whether I entirely believe he was genuine – or simply putting his extraordinary sense of empathy to good use and basically saying something of which he *knew* we would love to hear it… But well, even then – he was right. Community is an aspect that is important for many of us. And making friends and feeling at home with them in this community, is something very precious and valuable.)
    And a triple hooray for all that happy mail. Puppers really surpassed herself with those chick magnets. I absolutely loved it. And it still displayed here beside me at my work station. She is a great card maker.
    A big hooray also to Rachel’s OH and his fabulous laser cutter. Um, that sounds kind of dirty. (I have watched too many “Innuendo Bingo” episodes in YT lately…) Those wooden Gs really hit the spot. (No, don’t go there!!! It was said without pun intended.)
    PS: That yellow rose is very Thornton…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really, there was no pun intended with the Gs hitting the spot? Okay, I won’t go there then. 😉
      Yes, it is all very happy and sometimes necessary for me to remind myself of the good stuff. And this is most certainly all good.
      Now I just have to take all these positive feelings and turn them into some creative ventures. But first, the dreaded spare room awaits…


      1. No pun intended indeed. It’s pure coincidence that we were talking about the letter G.
        Not “dreaded” spare room. Think of it as the fantastic potential craft room where you can express all your needs for frills and pink and bling, and then later on spend hours of satisfying your creative urge. It’s Friday. Have you made a start yet?

        Liked by 1 person

          1. That sounds fantastic !!! Well done! How far are you now, 7 hours later? Did you get anywhere? If you did, I will take it as inspiration to clean up *my* supermessy craft table. Any chance of seeing some inspirational photo evidence??? *grins*

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Unfortunately, the visuals are unimpressive so far. I have to move some furniture so I can get a table in there. Currently I have a surfeit of chairs and a sofa that’s not serving any purpose. Mr. Kate’s gonna be recruited—but he doesn’t know it yet. Muahaha!


            2. *giggles* I am sure he will be delighted to help you! He sounds like the sort of guy who thrives on making his lady happy 🙂 I am sure you can find a few little jobs for him *grins*… (And instead of doing a tidy up, I am still here, blogging. Damn, and I have just remembered that tomorrow is Saturday and I have a round-up due…)

              Liked by 1 person

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