Cool, calm, and collected

My dearest Louise,

We‘ve been talking about collections in the fandom. The physical manifestations of our obsession. Or rather, our admiRAtion.

Guylty got the ball rolling with her little shopping spree to bolster her physical libRAry of the collected works of Mr. A. Others have shared stories or even pictures of their DVD shelf.

As you know, I am not a huge lover of stuff. Stuff takes up space. Stuff gets dusty. Stuff needs to be put back in its proper place. But of course I am not 100 % immune to the lure of physical objects. Especially when it comes to books and movies, I actually like a physical copy on paper, DVD or BluRay that I can put on my shelf—or in a drawer.

After @FANtasticRCA shared on Twitter that she has an extra shelf for all the RA goodness—in chronological order no less—I declared that I had two drawers which sparked an amusing exchange about underwear, naturally.

Other fans have the COMPLETE works on little silver discs as well. Alas, I am not that far yet (and also never will be). I rounded up the discs that were currently out and realized that after donating a few items to the #2019RABirthdayAuctions, I now actually only have one single drawer of RA DVDs. *gasp* Well, here it is—in no particular order whatsoever.

My dRAwer of goodness

Next, Guylty cast a wider net and showed us what Armitage-themed jewelry she has. I don’t have much to show in that regard, except these here:

This was made by Rachel and can be worn as a brooch. ❤
I feel this captures my essence quite well

If I interpret the definition of jewelry a little bit wider, I guess I could add hair accessories which of course leads us to… flower crowns!! Of which I own several. I wore the top one in purple when meeting Guylty in Germany recently.

One should wear flower crowns more often!

And going to back to media again, I have a little something else. I love children‘s books, especially those that rhyme. So I own these here:

The discerning fangirl will of course point out that the last one is not actually related to our favorite guy. It is X degrees of Armitage, as it was also read on Cbeebies by some other guy, but it is so entirely charming that I am adding it here. Maybe I should have him sign one of those if I ever get lucky enough to meet him again?

Cooly, calmy and collectedly yours,

9 thoughts on “Cool, calm, and collected

  1. Oh my goodness. Those kids’ books. Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe!!!!! Oh, if there ever should be an opportunity for autographs again, you *must* have that signed by him. LOL.
    Love that yellow rose by Rachel – it’s beautiful. (And reminds me that I bought a yellow porcelain rose pendant a couple of years ago in Munich – forgot that in my jewelry round-up.)
    The whole DVD collection is pretty impressive already. I have a long way to go. But the best bit are the flower crowns. Especially because they really suit you well. You can meet me with a flower crown any time, missus!


    1. I will meet you wreathed in flowers anytime anywhere! 💋

      I love the books. I’m considering getting the full set. I especially love I’m Not Going Out There because the frightful thing is… Kate. 😂😂

      So you forgot a yellow rose? Well, I just realized that I forgot to put Ocean’s 8 in my dRAwer. It must be with the regular DVDs. 😱 That means that I am back to two dRAwers—if only just. Yahoo!


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