Shag—Marry—Cliffs #4

Happy Moday my fellow Armitage appreciators,

It is once again time for the weighty questions in life. Would I or wouldn’t I tie this guy in knots, erm tie the knot with that guy? Well, only one way to find out…

Let‘s look at the results for round 3, shall we? Let‘s shall!

Results round 3

As you can see, James gets a shag, Peter is headed for wedded bliss and Percy is going down, down, down.

So how about yours truly? Well, veering slightly off the majority path here. Percy of the fabulous hair, sensuous smiles and sexy suspenders will go down I hope, but not over a cliff, I will marry Mr. Macduff and make sure we move far away from all that intrigue and I‘m sending brown-eyed James on an ocean adventure.

Now on to round 4. I think a lot of you won‘t be happy with me, so let me reiterate—it is not my fault, it was all chance and that darn hat!

For your consideration in Round 4 of the 2019 chaRActer SMC:

Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit)
Ricky Deeming (Inspector George Gently)
John Porter (Strike Back)

Best of luck!

28 thoughts on “Shag—Marry—Cliffs #4

  1. Oh, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck. And no, that is not my answer to your question… (Although, come to think of it, ultimately all three are rather f*ckable…)
    This is so hard, honestly… I have to deliberate this.
    So – pros of shagging all of them need no further elaboration. They are all prime candidates.
    Marrying them , however… So, Ricky is a bit of a loner, so he doesn’t strike me as marriage material. I somehow doubt that the leather-clad rebel would go in for a conventional institution such as marriage. Thorin, however, needs to secure the continuation of the Durin line, and therefore would probably make a good husband. Porter would be a good husband, too. My only problem with him is that he is a soldier. No disrespect to soldiers at all – the problem lies with me. I am not sure I could deal with the constant fear for my soldier husband’s safety. (I am sure *you*, Kate, of all people, know exactly what I mean.) But Porter is most definitely my fantasy man, so he cannot be sent flying over the cliff.
    So, here is the result of the Irish jury:
    Shag – John Porter
    Marry – Thorin Oakenshield
    Cliffs (with a strong rope attached to him so that he can be retrieved and rescued to continue cruising the roads and communing with the dark) – Ricky Deeming

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  2. Shag Porter (he’s always away, dangerous job, let’s not get too attached), enter into open marriage with Ricky (so he can do his thing, I can do mine – I seem to recall he wasn’t a ladies man knowwhatImean), and yeet Thorin’s dragonsick behind off Mount Erebor or whatchamacallit and become queen of the dwarves. Sorted!

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  3. I don’t find this round too tricky. Although Mrs Oakenshield has a certain ring to it, Thorin’s too hairy and beardy so the cliff for him ( and one of the other dwarves will save him) . I’m going to shag Porter and never let him go, so I’ll have to marry him . Hmm Ricky, young, virile, leather- clad, but
    ‘flamboyant’ according to Inspector Bacchus – it will have to be just a shag.

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  4. Shag – Ricky – ignoring all the gay suggestions, he is non-marriageable more because of all the Goddess nonsense.
    Marry – Porter – but he is kind of crap, right?

    …You know what – screw it! I’m gonna listen to my logical side.

    Shag – Porter – He is a shit father, husband, friend; but good enough in bed that the on-call shag-muffin wants to do him more than the once.

    Marry – Ricky – Gay or not, he has a good head on his shoulders. I imagine that once the idealistic view of the world wore off he would get straight and be a good provider.

    Cliffs – Thorin – Kind of a no duh. Too much on his mind, I think any woman who would marry this guy must be a masochist or plain ole’ have rocks in her head. (Sorry Sally!)

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  5. I’m having a short vacation so I’ll be short:
    Shag – gorgeous Ricky,
    Cliff – Thorin (since I have to push one of them and I’m sure eagles will safe him).
    Marry Porter. Who else?

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  6. it’s actually not difficult for me, because i’ve never been shy in discussing my general urge to punch Thorin on the nose-IMO he really only ever redeems himself at the end. Plus he’s just too feckin stubborn-there’s no way i could marry a man more stubborn than me!
    Ricky is a sweetheart and even if he’s ‘flamboyant’ (thanks armidreamer!) then he may well swing both ways and he’s strong and virile and well those leather trousers definitley ‘do things’
    and Porter-honesty i adore that man-he’s a good good man at the heart of it all-he will always do what’s right even when he acts like he doesn’t care. And well he’s basically sex on a stick and funny-so married life would never be dull
    so it’s gonna be!
    Marry Porter
    Cliffs Thorin

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  7. Ah, endlich! Ich heirate selbstverständlich Thorin. Dann muss er für den Rest meines Lebens seine ehelichen Pflichten erfüllen 😈. Und da ich ungern die Katze im Sack kaufe, werde ich seine diesbezüglichen Qualitäten schon vor der Hochzeitsnacht überprüfen müssen.
    Für den allerletzten ONS davor ist Ricky ein guter Kandidat, ich hab eine Schwäche für Motorräder. Außerdem dürfte es ihm unter der Bikerkluft ziemlich heiß werden, so dass er da ab und zu mal raus muss.
    John Porter geht also über die Klippe. Du hast ja selbst geschrieben, dass diese nicht besonders hoch ist. Das heißt, er bekommt eine kleine Erfrischung im Meer, bevor er dann zurück an Land die nächsten willigen Bewunderinnen, die bereits Schlange stehen, beglücken kann 😉.

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  8. I’ve had to think about this one, because as much as I adore Porter, I’m very fond of the other two as well. To consider cliffing either of them doesn’t sit well with me.
    Sooooo, after much consideration, I’ve decided it’s marry Porter, shag Ricky, and cliff Thorin in a barrel, making sure I’ve borrowed Guylty’s rope to tow him back to shore.

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  9. Golly, this is a tough one! I’m going with shag Ricky because OMFG! could he be any hotter? I don’t want to tie him down, well, maybe literally but…he’s not marriage material. Gotta marry Porter. No two ways about it. Any man that delicious needs to put a ring on my finger. And grumpy little Thorin, majestic as he may be, it’s over the cliffs for him.

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  10. Oh, this one is delightfully easy for me. Marry Thorin – stubborn, pigheaded dwarf can stay home & argue with stubborn, pigheaded Mama Hobbit here. And he’s my favorite character, next to Harry.
    Shag Porter because he’s muy caliente.
    Which means it’s the cliffs for Ricky – I’m sure someone will rescue him.

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  11. I’m marrying Porter and we’re running away together to live somewhere secret and under(the)cover.
    I’ll shag Thorin – be interesting to see what dwarves can do.
    That means it’s bye bye Ricky, I don’t remember harbouring any particular affection for him.

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