Danke schön, Darlings, danke schön

My dearest Louise, I have been very bad at updating this blog and also at giving thanks for blessings from friends old and new. Panettone fatigue still has me firmly in its grips, since each new little achievement (numbers down, finally double vaxxed) seems to be snatched away in the blink of an eye (new … Continue reading Danke schön, Darlings, danke schön

Tag, You’re It

My dearest Louise, As Guylty is valiantly battling online auction platforms and the postal services to finish up the last of the auction admin, I too am concluding this charity sale roundup. I had already shared my crafts for the auction part and for completeness sake want to put my tags from the fixed price … Continue reading Tag, You’re It

You’re the Inspiration

My dearest Louise, I’m sure you will forgive me if I address today’s post to somebody else for a change although the headline applies to you in full. You are my constant inspiration and I promise, you still are and always will be my favorite Brit! xx Dear Richard, Today is the day. It is … Continue reading You’re the Inspiration

Craft Therapy

My dearest Louise, As you know, I’m not the most chipper of persons right now. The *flails arms* everything is just too much. But since complaining isn’t very attractive and hasn’t really ever gotten me anywhere (though it seems to work remarkably well for some people), I have decided to talk about my therapy instead. … Continue reading Craft Therapy