Sowing the seeds of Armitage

My dearest Louise, Finally, my package has made landfall in Ireland and I can talk about its contents. When I shared pictures of my wax flower on Twitter, Guylty was very taken with it and mused where she might find one for herself. Well, plant obsessed Me just happened to have a seedling all ready … Continue reading Sowing the seeds of Armitage

Be my Valentine

My dearest lockdown buddies, How is everybody doing? Going stir crazy yet? I must admit, that I have had my moments of exasperation and I don’t even consciously miss anything. But not knowing which day of the week it is and spending every waking moment with the same people is definitely affecting everyone. Yes, we … Continue reading Be my Valentine

Happy Mail November Edition

Hello luvs, Just a short, off-topic (slightly) post today. A little while ago my doorbell rang. It was the postman. And he brought me this: My darling friend LoLo promised to send me a new ZOX bracelet. Well. As you can see by the size of the box, that‘s not all she sent. I immediately … Continue reading Happy Mail November Edition