How odd

Welcome to a new installment of “Scenes from a fangirl marriage”

Today: What are the odds?

Disclaimer: I hate American football with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Ask me nothing about it. I will ignore you violently!!


{Text in italics indicates that Mr. Kate was talking football 🙄 and I was therefore not really giving him my full attention, thus missing the finer points.}


Mr. Kate: Oh my god, the pre-season mumbo jumbo thingamagic is going great.

Me: Hm.

Mr. Kate: The bookies have my team at X to 1 to go to the playoffs and at Y to 1 to go to the Super Bowl.

Me unladylike snort: Yeah, betting people. That’s scientific.

Mr. Kate: These are experts in their field. They process twelveteen million bets each season.

Me: Honey, your team hasn’t done so well for a while if I recall correctly.

Mr. Kate: Well, this will be our year.

Me: looks extremely skeptical

Mr. Kate: What??

Me: Let me put it like this: The chances of your team going to the Super Bowl are about as good as Richard Armitage tweeting about something relating to your wife a second time.

Mr. Kate slightly peeved for various reasons, namely insulting his team and mentioning the Armitage tweet: Please leave this room immediately!

Me: gets up, walks towards the door


On the way, I suddenly notice first a creased brow and then an impish grin on my husband’s face.


Me turns in the doorway: You’re trying to figure out how to get Richard Armitage to tweet about your wife!!

Mr. Kate grins: How did you know?

Me: Honey, it’s been almost twenty years. His agents are United Artists in London, in case that’s helpful at all.


17 thoughts on “How odd

  1. I get threatened with tweets to the Armitage sometimes…I then remind him that he never uses his account and that Armitage never replies to anyone anyway! (Unless they have a blue tick …)

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  2. Oh that is too funny! Mine is a rugby guy, so of course I had to show him the stills of RA playing rugby. (I still haven’t seen Ultimate Force.) I don’t think he was too impressed. Probably rolled his eyes as usual.

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    1. I have not seen Ultimate Force either. There is rugby in there? 🏉 I had no idea. I have so much to learn.
      I think Mr. Kate perpetually rolls his eyes at the whole Armitage endeavor. Much like I do whenever football comes up—only I’m not even a little jealous of the players. 😂😂

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  3. Class. Your OH is class. I love those scenes from a (married) fangirl life. And even more so because you relate them so well. It’s always a LOL occasion. But maybe that’s also down to Mr Kate? He seems like a sound guy. (Oh, and BTW – I am *so* glad you said you don’t give a toss about American football ;-))
    For the record – my hubster would *never* tweet RA, even for the most selfish of reasons. (And there are actually reasons why he should be grateful to the man… But well, for reasons of marital peace may Mr Guylty long remain ignorant as to why he gets lucky more often than he should be credited for… *coughs*)

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    1. He really is a great guy—Mr. Kate’s sense of humor is a constant source of joy and eye rolling. [Some of his jokes are terrible.]
      Football causes either immediate coma or utter annoyance for me—no middle ground.
      Yes, best they don’t know everything about our fangirling and the side effects. Ahem. 🤭

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      1. Men who make you laugh are the sexiest. (I love it when Mr Guylty makes me laugh – and I happily give him reason to pull my leg with some Armitage related sneers and sarcasm…)
        Wishing you many years of such humour – terrible jokes (aka dad jokes) are a class of their own…

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